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Morenado restaurant

фото шеф-повара


Original fish and meat dishes are waiting for you: dumplings with cod and shrimps with tartar sauce, grilled mackerel with tomato, red onion and cilantro salad, pork ribs glazed in barbecue sauce with stewed cabbage, dumplings with duck with sour cream and lingonberry sauce.

Chicken and pork shashlik, Dagestan lamb shashlik on the bone are cooked on the grill.

The menu of the Morenado restaurant is a reflection of the culinary traditions of our location, our way of showing guests another facet of the journey to the golden coast of the Karelian Isthmus. 

The first decade and a half of the XX century. were the heyday of Russian national, as well as all-Russian cuisine, including both some regional Russian (Siberian, Volga) and foreign, or, as they were then called, foreign cuisines, namely - Polish, Ukrainian, Tatar, Georgian, Jewish and partly Moldavian (Bessarabian).

Sincerely yours, Andrey Pakhomov,
permanent chef of the "Repinskaya" hotel