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Kite and windsurf school

Spend your summer profitably!

transfer to the beach kite station from the hotel | the best instructors of Russia

The Kitepiter School provides special prices for the guests of the Repinskaya hotel for kite and windsurfing training.

Surfing theory and safety technique - 1 hour.

Workout - 1 hour.

Break 45 minutes.

Workout - 2 hours.

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Groups are formed by 3 people. There is 1 instructor per group.

The maximum number of students simultaneously is up to 12 people.

Advance booking is required at the "Repinskaya" reception!

Adults and children from 8 years old are accepted for training.

In case of insufficient wind forces for kitesurfing can be replaced by windsurfing in agreement with the training participants.

The price includes: transfer from the hotel to the kite station, training with an instructor, rental of a wetsuit, equipment and equipment insurance.

Photos and great mood - as a gift!

Ivan Chetverikov is the founder of the KITEPITER kitesurfing school. One of the pioneers of the kite movement in St. Petersburg. Prizewinner of numerous Russian and international competitions, as well as a judge of kite competitions. He has three higher educations, one of which is sports. One of the most experienced instructors in Russia.

Knows everything about kitesurfing!

“We are the largest and most successful kite school in St. Petersburg and one of the largest in Russia. For more than 10 years of work, we have accumulated vast experience in teaching beginners and training athletes. We have over a thousand graduates behind us. We employ only professional trainers: these are kiters-athletes who consider their main job teaching kitesurfing and do it all year round. Traveling all over the world, we have gained vast experience and a large number of methods that allow us to say that by contacting us, you will receive the best service and will progress quickly. ”

Kiting - riding on the water surface behind a large kite, and windsurfing - on a board under sail.

Kiting has two distinct advantages over windsurfing. First, you can do it all year round. Moreover, in Russia, snowkiting has received the greatest development - riding with a kite on frozen water or snow-covered fields. Instructors believe that it is easier for students to learn the basics on the snow than on the water - it is more comfortable to catch the balance and understand where and why you are moving. But there is another opinion: it is much more pleasant to fall into the water than on the ice.

Mastering the basic movements and turns is faster for those who learn to windsurf. A couple of sessions is enough for you to stand confidently on the student board and move through the water perpendicular to the wind. These skills will allow you to walk on large planks on calm waters in not very strong winds. But for further development in windsurfing, you will have to overcome a huge chasm that scares away many who once realized what they have to deal with. To really ride, you need to take a small nimble board and learn how to plane with a big sail. And it takes weeks and months.

It's really easier to learn how to ride a kite than sailing. True, it will take a little more time.