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Repin's "Penates"

One of the main local attractions is the Penata dacha of the genius Russian artist Ilya Repin. Having lived in Kuokkala with his wife, the writer Natalia Nordman-Severova for about thirty years, he turned from a small estate into a nice house with a cozy park with gazebos and a pond. Alas, this is not the original "Penates": the estate burned down during the war, but in the 1960s it was carefully reconstructed. Today, this elegant home with quirky décor can be accessed directly from the highway - through the colorful gate.

Repin's Penates

It was here that the artist arranged his famous "Wednesdays", when once a week, after three in the afternoon, anyone eager to communicate could come to the spouses. They took advantage of this recklessly: the guests poured down in droves, the owners from the threshold declared “Self-help! Take off your coat, galoshes yourself! Open the door to the dining room yourself! ", And in the dining room everyone was waiting for an amusing table with a rotating center (designed by Repin himself), from where they could take their favorite food personally, without the help of the owners.

" Servants according to Penatov etiquette " did not have. The round table, at which the diners sat and the cutlery stood, was motionless, but the one on which the dishes (exclusively vegetarian) stood was equipped with handles, and each of those present could turn it by pulling the handle, and thus put any of food. Since there were a lot of people, there were some curiosities: Chukovsky wants salted saffron milk caps, clings to the "carousel", pulls the mushrooms to him, and at this time the futurists are gloomily trying to bring a whole tub of sauerkraut, deliciously sprinkled with cranberries and lingonberries, closer to them.

Poet David Burliuk

Ilya Repin literally slept on the street all year round and forced the household to follow his example. So he escaped, on the advice of a young doctor, "from the suffocating and deadly poison of the bedroom." The artist spent the night on the veranda, under a canopy; in cold weather he basked in a sleeping bag on the down. The wife and children slept in the so-called cold room, in which all the windows were wide open. Daughter Vera recalled years later that in the morning Repin ran into them with frost on his mustache and shook snow from the beds of relatives.

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May 18 - International Museum Day;

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